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First Presbyterian School Pre-K


First Presbyterian School OKC has a long history of sending our Pre-K students to kindergarten well prepared not only academically but also socially and emotionally.

At First Presbyterian school we’re different than any other Pre-K program in OKC. The old school feel of our classrooms are reminiscent of a childhood unplugged and low tech. While simultaneously we work to implement the most modern of teaching practices and play-based theory. When old meets new and challenge meets flexibility, we see students thrive on their successes and blossom emotionally.

Our small classes allow students to be challenged on an individual level, each student receives plenty of one on one attention from our teaching staff. A specific and customized pathway is developed for each student as an individual learner, we set achievable goals and provide challenging situations for students to stretch their imaginations and their critical thinking skills.


FPS Provides a safe and nurturing environment for our 4-year-old students to mature, as they develop independence and social skills necessary for the transition to kindergarten.



Monday – Thursday


"The biggest reason I chose FPS over my local school’s Pre-K is the shorter hours and flexibility in the schedule.  While my daughter is still so little, I love that I can send her to FPS for just the morning and have her experience being in a classroom with peers, while I get some time on my own.  I really appreciate being able to have downtime with her in the afternoons and on Fridays.  I also appreciate the flexibility that as she prepares for all day kindergarten next year we can expand her day from 9-2:30 to ease her into the full school day. 

Regardless of the schedule though, I love the school.  The school director is easy to communicate with and good at what she does.  The teachers are kind, compassionate, and creative.   They do science experiments and provide interesting, fun experiences for the kids.  My daughter has just 11 kids in her class with two wonderful teachers, so I know all the kids are getting the attention they need.  I love that they get plenty of time to learn through play and to develop their social skills in a safe, interesting environment.

I also specifically love the art class. A world class Pre-K art experience wasn’t something I was necessarily looking for, but I got it in FPS.  They are exposed to great artists of history and their styles and get to experiment with the media the artists used in age appropriate and creative ways. When I went to the end of year art show for my older son, I was blown away!  I’m looking forward to it this year!"


Marilee P


“We chose Pre K at FPS for our son because we weren’t ready to start the “big school” world. He started FPS at 18 months old and we trusted the school and staff.  There were 7 kids in his PreK class. 


He received individual attention, had shorter days than public schools, which was important for this mom, and got a year of social skills that he otherwise wouldn’t receive.  He had specials daily, became more independent that year, and overall thrived as a child. 


He was able to read sight words by the end of the year, and able to write sentences, and when he started Kindergarten he was ahead of most of the class.  His kindergarten teacher told us, “I love First Pres kids because you can tell they really work with them there”.


Now, in 3rd grade he’s thriving, part of the Gifted and talented program, won the ReadOKC reading challenge last year, and has lots of friends.  We wouldn’t change our decision to do Pre-K at FPS for the world!  Some of our best memories and friends came from First Presbyterian.” 

Shelly G. 

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